Friday, June 11, 2010


Well, we got a bit of a shock and a surprise...Travis received word that after AIT in July he will be stationed in Korea! Holy cow! I'm still reeling a bit at the shock of it. BUT Jessica and the boys DO get to be with him since he will be there for 3 years!! They are coming here for a visit sometime this summer before they leave for Korea. I guess I'll have to get really good at sending letters overseas and packages too! And hopefully, Skype will help out so we can see them online that way. This really is a great opportunity for them. They will learn and grow so much by being in a different culture. The Seoul Temple is about 40 minutes from the base there so that's good. I'll bet they have an awesome ward too! Lucky ward to get my kids! I'll have to find out how to do international calling too.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Family History

I just wanted to write about the new and exciting thing that I'm doing now. I am doing Indexing for the Family Search program that is by the Church. When I signed up I wasn't sure what exactly I would be doing but I had been feeling a pull to do some family history work but didn't see how I would get organized enough to do where Mom had left off. So I went to the website and when the first page came up it brought me straight back to being a kid and doing genealogy with Laura and Mom. There in front of me was a scan of a census from 1910. So cool!! What I do is transfer the information from the census sheet into the table/boxes on the computer and then when I'm done I send the batch in. It goes pretty quickly and the boys and Dan are so impressed that I'm doing this and Ransom reminded me to say a prayer to be able to read it correctly. Sweet boy! Dan is going to sign up too. I think he'll really enjoy it as well. Dan says that I'd probably start having angels surrounding me as I worked. Sounds like a good idea to me!

Monday, May 17, 2010

A Soldier!!! I'm gonna have to learn to say HOO-AH!!!

Our Number one, number one son is completing basic training this week at Ft. Jackson, SC. His follow on assignment for Advanced Infantry Training, (AIT) is at Redstone arsenal in Alabama. His pretty wife, OUR Number one only Daughter-in-law is on her way out to his graduation, this Thursday and Friday. Life getting in the way as usual precluded me from attending, to my chagrin and disappointment. I did get to talk to him Sunday when he called. He apparently won an Eagle pass for on post for having the best pt score and generally being an excellent example of a recruit.
We've been able to follow him on Facebook because of the training command allowing a photographer to follow their training and post pictures of the different platoons as they progressed. If I can figure out how to link it at the end of this I will. We have therefor been able to find him in pictures as Echo company (the Punishers) have worked their way from the NBC chamber and tear gas- through victory forge, the last 4 day field exercise before graduation. To anyone who reads this....This is my son the Soldier. Jessica's Husband Thomas and Felix's Father but my Son. (OK Sharon can claim him too.)
OK i can't figure out a hyper link to his basic training but I'm sure you can find it by searching for above, 3rd Battalion, 34th Infantry Regiment
Well done Travis!!
Not to bad for a Daddy spot, lol

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

Well, I have spent most of the day and last night sick with the flu. Ugh...But I was greeted this morning by a Happy Mother's Day phone call from my Travis! That was so nice and made it feel like he was still in the same town and not so far away. Then Ransom and Chandler came downstairs to sing Happy Mothers' Day to me and from around the corner came...Trevor wrapped up in the blankie I made him for Christmas. He had told me that he wasn't going to be able to come home for today. But Dan and the brothers were in on it. He got here in the middle of the night evidently. What a GREAT surprise!! Dan had to get my meds from the pharmacy so he stayed home with me and the boys went to church. They brought me home the annual potted pansies from church. One in lavender to remember my mom and purple because they love me they said. Sweeties. Dan gave me fuschia colored mini carnations. So I have all of them on top of the tv so I can look at them from my chair. I got to talk to Dad and Jan on the phone for awhile. They said that Rhett had come to make Jan breakfast for them. Cool bro. I got there. I called Joan and also my sister, Peggy to wish them Happy Mothers' Day. And then I got breakfast for dinner. Chandler made me one of my favorites, French toast!! By now my tummy is feeling better so I am glad that I'm improving. I don't have to work tomorrow so I can rest up. Dan has doted on me today, as usual and that was wonderful because he was so tired from going to the store for me late last night. All in all it's been a layed back day. I watched a Schwarzeneggar flick and then Notting Hill with Julia Roberts. I've been missing my mom a lot lately and so yesterday when I was running the make and take jewelry event at Michaels I made a pretty necklace with clear crystals, lavender crystals and a pretty butterfly in honor of Mom. I remember as a little girl she painted the ceiling in her bedroom lavender because she loved that color so much. It's pretty and it was my first try at jewelry making! I tried taking a picture of it but it didn't turn out. I'll try again tomorrow when I'm feeling even better and maybe post it on my Facebook. I'm grateful tonight for a loving and fun family who loves me and also love our Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ. Because without Him I wouldn't have my family forever. There are not enough words of gratitude for that. But still, He knows the contents of my heart. I hope everyone who reads this feels blessed beyond measure as I do.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

An Eagle Soars

Last night we had the honor of seeing our Trevor receive his Eagle award from the Boys Scouts of America. It was a great evening. When it was the fathers turn to speak Dan told a sweet story about a little eagle that was raised as a chicken and how the farmer ultimately helped him soar as an eagle. He challenged Trevor and Craig (the other Eagle and one of Trevor's buddies) to soar. Matthew and Krista and family came to the ceremony and Matthew sat in the eagles nest during the program. Alycia, Trevor's sweetheart also attended the program. One of the best moments was when Dan and I received our mother and father pins, but also when Trevor surprised his good friend and mentor for the past several years, Mr. Fred Hall, with the mentor pin. Mr. Hall joked later that he wouldn't have come had he known he was getting a pin. Funny, funny Mr. Hall. I had the honor of making the cake for the night. This was my first cake that I did entirely on my own using my cake decorating skills I learned last year. It was a hit so that was great. It was an amazing night and I was so tickled I wore my mother's pin to church today too. Yes, I'm a mother who never thought we'd see the day, but thank you, Trevor for making our dream for you come true. Soar, baby, soar.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Farewell and Fix It

Well, Travis and Thomas left for Idaho this morning and are still on the road as I write this. It was so sweet having big hugs from Thomas. So sweet! We hugged and kissed Travis too and sent them on their way. I did pretty good. Didn't bawl. I asked Travis to pray us there! Jessica and baby Felix flew to Idaho Saturday while Brent (her dad) drove the truck of their stuff to their place in Hailey, Idaho. Jessica was amazing as she got packed so quickly and with two little ones that need lots of attention!

Trevor was home this weekend and undertook an amazing feat! He took apart his car and another one that he had bought for parts. You should have seen our driveway...filled with all kinds of car parts. It took him until about 2pm today that he got it together. The Subaru worked just how he wanted it too and he was tired but happy. Blood blisters at all!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Poor Thomas

Okay, in my haste to throw some pics up of the fam, I was totally remiss in posting pix of my little Thomas who owns a part of my heart. So here's a couple so you all can see how sweet he is!