Friday, June 11, 2010


Well, we got a bit of a shock and a surprise...Travis received word that after AIT in July he will be stationed in Korea! Holy cow! I'm still reeling a bit at the shock of it. BUT Jessica and the boys DO get to be with him since he will be there for 3 years!! They are coming here for a visit sometime this summer before they leave for Korea. I guess I'll have to get really good at sending letters overseas and packages too! And hopefully, Skype will help out so we can see them online that way. This really is a great opportunity for them. They will learn and grow so much by being in a different culture. The Seoul Temple is about 40 minutes from the base there so that's good. I'll bet they have an awesome ward too! Lucky ward to get my kids! I'll have to find out how to do international calling too.

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